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Artec Studio 16 crashes on Windows 11 if the project is located in the folder syncronized with OneDrive

Issue: Artec Studio 16 crashes on Windows 11 if the project is located in the folder synchronized with OneDrive/DropBox or a similar service.


Cause: This is a MS bug. Windows 11 has Microsoft OneDrive preinstalled. When Microsoft OneDrive is working (the user is logged in with a Microsoft account) it synchronizes the user's Documents, Pictures, and Desktop folders with the cloud storage, by default.

When Artec Studio attempts to access the Documents folder (the default location for storing Artec Studio projects) the application crashes.



The issue is fixed in the follwing MS updates - KB5020044 (preview) or KB5021255 (stable) updates.


Workaround 1:


Left-click on the OneDrive icon. 

Click on the gear icon.

Open the settings.

Go to the Backup section and click on the Manage backup button.


Disable backup of the Desktop folder.

Stop backup.


Workaround 2


- Create a folder on your local drive in a directory that is not synced by OneDrive (e.g. C:\OneDrive).


- Open the registry as administrator.


- Enter the following path in the directory window: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\SyncRootManager



- Open the following subfolder: UserSyncRoots


- Double-click on the key shown in the screenshot below:



- Change the directory to the one created in step 1 (e.g. C:\OneDrive).



- Save and close the registry.

- Open Artec Studio and check if the issue is resolved.


3) in rare occasions solutions 1 and 2 might not work -> please completely uninstall One Drive


In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing

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