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Artec Studio 16: Release notes

Artec Studio (27.01.2021)

Resolved Issues:

MANIFEST* file gets .mp4a extension while being downloaded  from Google Drive leading the project corruption




Artec Studio (30.12.2021)

Resolved Issues:

• Project is corrupted after a sudden power off

• Second c3d file import failure if there are several scans in the queue and first one is in progress

• Artec Eva calibration fails via Diagnostic Tool with "Cannot start Diagnostic"

• Artec (Space) Spider 11 version (SP.11.XX serial number) cannot catch 1st position in Diagnostic Tool

• Scroll bars disappear at 125% display scaling

• Export as *.ptx doesn't work 

• In the orthogonal view section plan cuts off a part of the object

• The manual alignment takes longer in Artec Studio 16 compared to Artec Studio 15

• Incorrect Texturing in "Preview" mode

• Minor fixes in localization 

• The objects renders incorrectly with Intel Iris Graphics G7 


      Artec Studio (26.11.2021)


      Resolved Issues:

      • Clear History does not free up RAM in Artec Studio 16 Trial

      • Clear History does not reduce project folder size Artec Studio
      • Several issues cause an inability to open the project with"Cannot open project because some files are being used by another process" or "This project is already open in Artec Studio. As Artec Studio constantly updates project data, opening the same project in multiple windows is not supported"

      • Upload to Artec Cloud from Artec Studio fails with "10054 Connection reset by peer. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"

      • "Show other selected scans" does not work viewing frames in a scan

      • Fusion to CAD align does not work properly

      • Measurements displayed incorrectly on the screenshots

      • If the upload to Artec Cloud canceled/ aborted, the project remains in Loading status on Artec Cloud

      • Artec Studio 16 crashes if the first frame has a "Failed" Status

      • Incorrect name exporting the project




      Artec Studio (29.10.2021)


      • Re-design of Export Window


      Resolved Issues:

      • Lost tracking while scanning with Base Removal option ON

      • Incorrect work of Hole-Filling algorithm (Tools panel)
      • Export to Solidworks does not work

      • Annotations are not displayed properly

      • Incorrectly displayed "Separate then Collective"


      Artec Studio (25.10.2021)


      Adjustments in the reconstruction algorithm, after Artec Spider is calibrated via Diagnostic Tool

      • Not possible to set fusion settings for the ".number" format

      Resolved Issues:

      'No Markers Detected' error message during Spider / Space Spider calibration

      • Project is shown as empty, even though there is data
      • Various projects corruption

      • Various Artec Studio crashes 

      • Incorrect freeform surface in case of high UV-points settings•

      Undo in ‘Eraser’ cancels several operations
      Export of OBC files from the scans not possible


      Artec Studio (6.10.2021)

      New Features:

      • Windows 11 support


      Resolved Issues:

      • Photo registration is not possible in Artec Studio 16 Trial version
      • Import of Artec Leo scans not possible in Artec Studio 16 Trial version
      • Projects are corrupted if Artec Studio is forcibly closed, or crashes during the compaction process
      • Backface setting not preserved after restarting Artec Studio

      • 3D models render in 2D after GPU driver update, for some ADM GPU cards
      • Swipe function does not work for the Lock column
      • Automatic update of Artec Installation Center does not work with Artec Studio installation

      • Various Artec Studio crashes 

      • No Error Column for Artec Ray scans


      Artec Studio (20.09.2021) 


      New Features:

      Reverse Engineering
      • More CAD primitives – Torus and Freeform
      • Export primitives to SolidWorks without plug-ins
      • Additional tool to easily select an entire ‘Segment’ of an object for construction
      • Option to ‘Scale to bounding box’ to get a contour regardless of the size of the object

      HD Mode
      • AI-powered HD mode improvements for faster and sharper reconstruction
      • Record raw HD data of scans and use it for reconstruction anytime
      • Configure HD reconstruction parameters in the tools panel

      Quality Inspection
      • Inspect, compare models and generate reports in Control X
      • CAD constraints
      • Measure thickness easily and more precisely now
      • Use already constructed planes as reference for point-to-plane measurements
      • Faster scan-to-CAD alignment

      Photo texture and CGI
      • Add texture to models with photographs using the new Photo Registration algorithm
      • Transparent mode for clear visualization of back-faces

      Performance and Workflow
      • Advanced new data format – A3D. Convert your old SPROJ projects to A3D easily
      • Smart memory management for faster and improved performance
      • Faster data loading implemented through selective RAM usage and pre-load
      • Auto-save all your actions by default
      • Use the new global registration modes for registering scans individually, or separately, or combined.
      • Export models separately, without having to merge them
      • Add and save annotations on screenshots
      • Maximize RAM usage by only storing a specified number last actions in History



      • HD reconstruction speed is 2X faster than in Artec Studio 15
      • Mesh to CAD align - 8X faster than in Artec Studio 15
      • Surface distance map speed 70% faster than in Artec Studio 15
      • Leo HD project is 20% less comparing with Artec Studio 15
      • Improved workspace design and object highlighting features
      • Various other bug fixes and UI improvements

      Resolved Issues:

      • Artec Studio 15 crashes importing Leo project

      Known issues:
      • Network drives are not supported (It is not possible to save or open the projects located on network drives)
      • RAM is not released after the first conversion from old to new data format, or after a large project is recovered after a failure
      • Decreased FPS scanning with Artec Eva/ Artec (Space) Spider on specific CPUs
      • Application crashes after a long standby mode
      • 3D models render in 2D after GPU driver update, for some ADM GPU cards
      • Swipe function does not work for the Lock column
      • Projects are corrupted if Artec Studio is forcibly closed, or crashes during the compaction process
      • Artec Installation Center is not automatically updated with Artec Studio installation



      In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing


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