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Purchasing a used Artec scanner


Purchasing a secondhand device is always associated with risk, as there are no guarantees that the scanner was used in a proper way: for example that it was not dropped, exposed to liquids, or otherwise damaged by its previous owner.


We strongly recommend purchasing Artec scanners and software from authorized Artec 3D resellers, since Artec bears responsibility for products bought via official channels only.

(!) please note that there are a number of fraudulent websites that sell used Artec scanners at low prices


If you are willing to accept the risks and you are considering the purchase of a used scanner, please review the following information in order to be well informed about the Artec policy on secondhand scanners.



1) Contacts of the previous scanner owner

Every scanner is linked to a specific account on our license server (

According to Artec's security policy, transferring a scanner from one account to another is possible only after the seller confirms the sale by sending an email to Therefore, please make sure that you have the seller's contacts and that he/she is willing to send a request to the Artec team to confirm that the scanner has been re-sold.

2) The serial number of the Artec scanner

The scanner serial number can be found on the label attached to the bottom (underside) of the device. Knowledge of the serial number will allow you to check the warranty information of the device with the Artec team, as well as to double-check whether the device history provided by the seller is correct and truthful. 

Artec can also check whether or not the device is marked as stolen in our database. Therefore, in order to minimize possible risks, requesting a photo of the serial number label from the seller is highly recommended.


3) Artec Studio licenses cannot be resold and are not transferable


A new license can be purchased from your local Artec 3D distributor/reseller.


4) Training & Technical Support

All necessary information about Artec software and scanners can be found online in the Artec Support Center / User's guides.

Also we are happy to offer Artec Online Courses on Artec Academy.

Artec Academy courses walk you through each stage of the 3D scanning workflow, from scanner handling to data processing, teaching learners how it all works before challenging them to complete hands-on tasks.


Basic assistance (transferring the scanner from one account to another) is provided free of charge by the Artec team.


In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing


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