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Artec Studio 15: Release notes

Artec Studio (4.04.2021) 

Resolved Issues:

  • HD reconstruction does not work on RTX 30x0 series video cards
  • Green Stripes on Artec Ray scans
  • Black and White Texture on 360° Artec Ray Scans
  • Move to origin in Precise positioning works incorrectly
  • Symmetrical hole on Artec Micro scans
  • "Global registration failed to align any frame" if global registration failed once, all other attempts (successful )finishes with the error message
  • No "Error" value for Artec Ray scans


Artec Studio (30.10.2020) 

Resolved Issues:

  • Green/purple tint of texture during the first Artec Micro calibration
  • Auto-alignment in Autopilot failed with the error message: "Some of the selected scans lack targets required for Targets mode
  • Artec Studio could crash on HD Reconstruction while importing Artec Leo projects on some specific CPUs
  • Typing letters while renaming a scan could activate either of the Editor hotkeys when Editor window was open
  • Artec Installation Center does not launch: "msvcp140_1.dll was not found" error
  • Artec Installation Center does not launch: "the application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b" error
  • Downsampling" setting is doubled in Fine Registration


Artec Studio (14.10.2020) 

  • HD reconstruction of Leo and Eva scans: obtain and process this data
  • Two lock types:

   Lock position (new) to affix both scans and frames, if applicable, during Global registration

   Lock registration for frames (former Lock feature)

  • Lock registration now applies to Positioning and Transformation tools as well
  • Support for targets on Leo

   Read and store target information from Leo scans

  • Precise positioning

   Use more CAD-primitive points as references

   Access a more detailed change history

  • Object visualization
  • Change color of CAD models and groups in Workspace
  • CAD primitives

   Display more reference points on axes during measurements and Precise positioning

   Employ new primitive type: truncated cone

   Export only CAD objects through eponymous menu: all other objects (e.g., mesh models) ignored even if selected


  • List more properties in Workspace
  • Registration

   Copy and paste transformations between scans


Micro, Ray and other scanners

- Ray scan preview now features the Brightness and Contrast sliders

- Faster individual scan import

- Enhancements to Automatic paths for Micro

- Reduce glare-related noise in models created from Micro scans (Glare-noise reduction in Fusion)


Miscellaneous user-interface changes:

   Uniform appearance and behavior for Apply and Cancel buttons throughout the application.

   Transfer settings between installations

   More prominent Undo and Redo buttons

   Visually identifiable object types in Workspace

   Easily applicable annotations

   More-straightforward column-width adjustment

   Easily hide and reveal panels and toolbars

   Left toolbar now features instrument names

   Enhanced log window



Changes to Artec Studio behaviour

Frame-rate option moved to the Scan panel

Autopilot now skips Fine registration for Eva and Spider scans

Arrow keys only function in Workspace

CAD primitives can be aligned simultaneously with scans if both are the same group members.


Known issues:

- Artec Installation Center fails to start with MSVCP

- old Artec Installation Center does not support files more 1 GB, in order to install the latest update of Artec Studio ( - Artec Installation Center shall be updated to the latest version (

Large (high-density) Ray scans are imported without colour texture: the black and white or grayscale texture is displayed instead.


Artec Studio (24.06.2020) 


  • Improved user experience throughout the program
  • Miscellaneous changes to user-interface design

Resolved Issues

  • Workspace configuration is not saved after Artec Studio reload
  • Minor issues related to Measurements and Alignment
  • Miscellaneous localization issues
  • Buttons do not fit the panel in Rough Positioning tool
  • Incorrect remaining time scanning Automatic Trajectory for Artec Micro
  • Some Artec Spider scans made in Artec Studio 14 has issues when opening with Artec Studio 15


Artec Studio (28.05.2020) 

This version features a completely overhauled and customizable user interface, CAD functionality with primitives, a new Groups feature, and automation improvements for the Artec Micro.

New Features:

  • Scan to CAD (with the ability to export CAD files directly to SOLIDWORKS or Geomagic Design X)
  • Primitives support, for quality control & reverse engineering purposes
  • Use of Primitives for precise positioning (CAD-like alignment)
  • Groups: a new feature that allows regrouping 3D datasets and processing them as one. (Auto-group for Eva, Spider, Leo data during capture, Align multiple scans/groups in one click, Automatically group scan data and primitives, etc)
  • Texture background colors suppression
  • Model-to-model texture transfer function
  • Temperature compensation wizard
  • Surface distance map annotations
  • Scan size optimizer
  • Automatic scanning path for the Artec Micro
  • One-click model measurement (volume, area)
  • Feedback feature


  • Faster surface distance map calculation
  • 15X faster sections calculation
  • Enhanced color reproduction
  • Next-generation registration
  • Boosted Autopilot for Artec Leo
  • 30% more effective auto-align, at 2X the speed
  • Improved Autopilot for all Artec handheld Scanners
  • 2X faster (parallel) scan import for the Artec Ray
  • Faster project loading
  • Improved hole-filling algorithm
  • Improved lasso selection
  • Size-sensitive max error mode
  • Overhauled, optimized and customizable user interface

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed miscellaneous issues related to Artec Studio crashes
  • Fixed several issues related to Leo project import: added support for special symbols in the file name or file path (including hanzi and kanji)
  • Corrected scaling units selection when importing datasets


Compatibility information

  • Artec Studio 15 is compatible with all Artec scanners except for the discontinued models from these series
  • Drivers for Artec Eva / Spider / Space Spider in AS9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 are fully compatible.
  • Artec Studio 15 is installed in a separate folder, so multiple software versions (AS9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) can coexist on the same computer.
  • AS 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 projects are compatible with Artec Studio 15.

Update information and
All clients with an active Artec Studio subscription license can upgrade to Artec Studio 15. Instructions are available here.


In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by

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