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"Too close to object" or "Out of sign. Move Leo farther from object" error message during a Leo scan


When working with a Leo scanner, you may encounter the error message "Too close to object" or "Out of sign. Move Leo farther from object" appearing on the device's screen during scanning.

This message appears when one of the device's four proximity sensors is triggered.
The sensors' exact location is marked with four red rectangles in the picture below:


It is important to distinguish between two different scenarios:
1. The scanner is actually being held too close to the object (closer than 10 cm), or one of the proximity sensors is being obstructed by your finger or hand.
This is normal behavior, a simple protection mechanism built into the scanner by design.

2. There is no obstruction whatsoever in front of the sensors and the scanner is not too close to the object, but you are still getting the "Too close to object" error.
This is unexpected behavior, and usually occurs due to dirt or dust which has accumulated on one or more of the proximity sensors. In this case, the sensors need to be cleaned as described further below.


Use a blowing device similar to the one pictured below in order to get rid of the dust on the sensors:

Strong Air Blow Ball Latex Cleaning Tool Dust Blowing ...

You may also use compressed air to achieve the same effect. Canned compressed air (pictured below) is sold at many electronics and/or large department stores:


Please note that wiping the sensors with a cloth is not recommended. If the contaminant happens to be hard and grainy, the wiping cloth may drag it along, causing scratches on the transparent protective ring in front of the proximity sensors.
If for some reason, you absolutely need to wipe the sensors, proceed with utmost caution and use a soft, lint-free cloth.


Avoid direct exposure of the scanner to any liquid, as this could lead to deterioration in the device’s performance and could void the warranty.
If your scanner has been exposed to liquid, immediately turn it off, unplug the power cable and remove the battery. To dry the device's exterior, use a soft lint-free cloth.


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