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Patch lines visible after texture application

After completion of the texture application algorithm, you may encounter an issue where unexpected dark patch lines appear on the model, spread out all over the model's surface. These lines represent the "seams" of the texture atlas after the texture images are applied to your model.


The texture application algorithm is programmed to automatically smooth the borders between adjacent texture atlas pieces, thereby effectively eliminating these seams. However, under certain circumstances, the seams might become visible, resulting in considerable visual defects on the textured model.

If you notice the appearance of such seams on the texture of your model, the most likely cause is an underpowered graphics card which does not have enough computing resources (i.e. is not powerful enough) to correctly apply the texture onto the given model with the specified settings. To eliminate this problem, please attempt the following:

  • simplify your mesh to reduce its polygon count
  • reduce the texture resolution


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