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Artec Studio 13: Release notes

Artec Studio (18.10.2019)

This minor release provides support for the new Leo project transfer protocol and the new Artec Turntables.

Artec Studio (20.03.2019)

  • Added various workflow improvements for Artec Eva, Spider, Leo, and Ray scanners
  • Fixed malfunction of Pause and Stop buttons when the Scan panel is hidden
  • Rebuilt normal inversion of raw scans, based on user feedback

Artec Studio (15.02.2019)

Updated localization to the supported languages

Fixed Issues Related To

  • Displaying values on Surface-distance maps
  • Selecting frames using hot keys
  • Displaying targets during Real-time fusion


Artec Studio (24.01.2019)

A new minor release with improved software stability, pertinent to certain computers, is now available.

Artec Studio (21.01.2019)

New Options and Settings

  • Annotations are adapted for the new rendering system and now available
  • The "Back" button was added for Eraser
  • Checkbox "Unload texture frames during fusion" was added to better control memory consumption
  • Ability to "Export point clouds to PTX with merged sections"
  • Various improvements for scanning with Ray

Fixed Issues Related To

  • Failure to select data after undoing operations in Eraser
  • Resetting the mirroring results during the Alignment
  • Export projects from Leo (miscellaneous issues)

Relocated Options

     Export to Stanford PLY format with vertex colors was moved to "Export —> Meshes"


Artec Studio (09.01.2019)

This minor release fixes compatibility issues with the Leo data transfer into the Artec Studio.


Artec Studio (25.10.2018)

New Feature:

Added a dedicated feature that allows geometry mirroring in 3D view (Transformation tool)

Artec Ray

  • Enhanced preview layout appearance
  • Fixed the following issues:
    – Inability to terminate scanning with Ray when the Texture option is enabled
    – Unexpected cropping of scans captured using Ray
    – Randomly appearing black preview

Handheld Scanners

  • Adjusted the default value for Spider’s Texture brightness
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Intel RealSense cameras from scanning with the “Don’t record texture” option enabled


Fixed the following issues:

  • Interruption of 2D Eraser selections if the cursor leaves the 3D-view window and then returns
  • Freezing of objects if the mouse cursor leaves the 3D-view window while using Positioning tool or Align with the Shift+LMB keys pressed

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Corrected failure of some imported scans to fit to view
  • Tuned colors for Surface distance maps
  • Enhanced appearance of the coordinate-axis grid


Artec Studio (10.10.2018)

Fixed issues: 

  • Unloaded scans might have become corrupt due to the use of maximum compression project format
  • Rare unexpected crashes during Sharp Fusion were occurring on some computers


Artec Studio (20.09.2018)

Fixed issues: 

  • Texture brightness slider was not working properly due to automatic texture adjustment function
  • Main toolbar was unavailable during scanning, and is now available
  • Several problems with different languages UI translation were resolved


Artec Studio (10.09.2018) 

Support for new Artec scanners

Artec Leo

  • Import projects from Leo scanner either directly from the device or using a micro-SD card
  • Automatic base removal for imported Leo scans

Artec Ray

  • New interface with scanning parameters and modes is now available for Artec Ray
  • Scanning with checkerboard targets and/or spheres is supported
  • PTX, BTX, and XYZ point cloud formats are now supported


New render

  • Reworked gloss, surface color, shadows, and lighting
  • Enhanced visibility of curves and fine geometry
  • New color correction for more representative texture rendering
  • New smart simple-rendering mode automatically renders large data sets
  • Polygon limit for conventional simple rendering mode is enlarged
  • Large scans of up to 10 thousand frames are supported
  • Processing of scans up to 500 million polygons
  • Extremely large data-sets (70GB and More) are now supported
  • New X-ray mode renders surfaces transparent, depending on viewing angle and point density, for easy and precise inspection



Fine registration is up to 2 times faster than in Artec Studio 12

Global registration

  • New control over speed and quality balance: ability to select the amount of key frames, feature type, and feature search radius
  • Useful for objects with small repetitive features, as well as large-scale scans

Ray scan triangulation

  • Intended to simplify point cloud scans from Ray
  • Offers control over simplification degree and polygon angles



Artec Studio 13 allows publishing high-resolution models to Viewshape:

  • up to 1 million polygons geometry resolution (Artec Studio 12 limit is 300k)
  • up to 4096x4096 texture resolution (Artec Studio 12 limit is 1024x1024)



New 3D-navigation toolbar

  • 3D-view controls were relocated to a new toolbar
  • Two new buttons - "fit to view" and "hide the toolbar" - were added
  • New 3D navigation cube for easily manipulating the data

New color distance meter is available for highlighting the model while scanning, allowing users to keep the optimal scanning distance more conveniently


  • Cutoff-plane selection is completely adjustable
  • Selection works faster, thanks to the new render

Defeature brush

  • New selection modes for precise editing: rectangular, lasso, and cutoff-plane
  • Selection and deselection of affected surfaces is available prior to application

Texture-healing brush now allows previewing and deselecting affected areas

Improved user experience throughout the program:

  • Korean language user interface added
  • Miscellaneous hotkeys for switching rendering modes and selection modes in Editor were added
  • Increased number of visible surfaces during scanning
  • New "Show all frames" button is available for inspecting the data during processing
  • "Max error" rendering mode now distinguishes the quality of individual frames inside scans
  • Lasso selection mode in eraser and defeature brush now closes the contour
  • Zoom is centered to mouse cursor by default
  • Improved transformation tool allows translating (moving) the object along a plane between two axes
  • “Log out” button is now available in the Artec Installation Center



  • Export of non-closed DXF contours is now available
  • Sections has improved positioning tool
  • Geodesic point placement is now more precise


Renamed and relocated options

  • "Back up scan data to disk" is renamed to "Save scans directly to disk"
  • “Select through” is moved from the 3D view window to the respective Editor tool
  • “File → Import” menu is reorganized


Compatibility information

  • Artec Studio 13 is compatible with all Artec scanners except the discontinued models from these series
  • Drivers for Artec Eva / Spider / Space Spider in AS9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 are fully compatible
  • Artec Studio 13 is installed in a separate folder, so various software versions (AS9, 10, 11 and 12) can be used at the same computer.
  • AS9, 10, 11, and 12 projects are fully compatible with Artec Studio 13.


Known issues

  • Real-time fusion might not work properly on Intel cards and is turned-off by default
  • Real-time fusion might not work properly with third-party sensors
  • Annotations are not yet compatible with the new render
  • Maximum density full volume scans for Artec Ray are captured without texture
  • Point clouds of more than 6GB in size are not imported in Artec Studio 13
  • Preview type texture mapping only works with 1 texture image


Update information and
All clients with active Artec Studio 11 and 12 subscriptions can upgrade to Artec Studio 13. Instructions are available here.


In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing


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