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HP ZBook 15 G3 vs GIGABYTE P35V2

July 27 2016

Thanks to Artec Gold Partner Patrick Thorn who has recently made an extensive test of new HP ZBook 15 G3 laptop together with Artec Eva and Artec Studio 11. What's more interesting, he compared the performance of HP Zbook with his Gigabyte P35V2.

  GIGABYTE P35V2 HP ZBook 15 G3
OS Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro

i7-4710HQ CPU

2.50GHz (8 CPUs)

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1505M v5

2.80GHz (8 CPUs)

RAM 16 Gb 32 Gb


Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

NVIDIA Quadro M1000M

Intel(R) HD Graphics P530

Weight 2.26 KG 2.0 KG
Appr. price £995,00 £2 012,50


  • Both laptops were switched to "High performance mode" in Windows Power Settings.
  • All tests were performed in Artec Studio 11.
  • Prices are listed approximately (before VAT).


Test 1

3D-scanning process:

  • 2000 frames are captured in total per every session,
  • FPS is measured at start and end of every session.
  • Scanning mode is default one ("Geometry+texture" tracking method).
Scanner Object

RTF mode

FPS at start FPS at end
Eva Human body OFF
15 15
Eva Human body ON 15 15
Spider Engine part OFF 8 8
Spider Engine part ON 8 8


Test 2

Outdoor 3D-scanning of the statue with Artec Eva:

  • 13 separate scans
  • 7964 frames in total
  • Size of all scans loaded in RAM: 9204 Mb
Process \ Time, sec GIGABYTE P35V2 HP ZBook 15 G3
Fine registration 86 68
Global registration 228 196
Sharp fusion (1st test) not enough memory 592
Smooth fusion (2nd test) 1160 1005
Small object filter 2,7 2,7
Fast mesh simplification 179 155
Texture mapping 152 113


  • Both fine and global registrations were launched by geometry only.
  • Sharp fusion was launched with "watertight" parameter.
  • Number of triangles for Fast mesh simplification was set at 600 000.

So HP ZBook 15 G3 is a nice and powerful laptop which provides excellent performance in both 3D scanning and post-processing.

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