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Activation via proxy

Updated March 3, 2020

Method 1: configuring JSON requests and whitelisting the license server IP

Artec Studio licenses can be activated via proxy if the following conditions are met:
JSON requests of all types (POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, both multipart and simple) must be allowed to and its IP address.

In some cases, the PATCH method may also be required.

Important note: please confirm these settings with your network administrator prior to software installation.


Method 2: re-routing the software through a proxy

The Artec Installation Center now supports custom proxy settings (please note that only HTTP or socks5 proxies are currently supported).
In order to take advantage of this new functionality, please proceed as follows:

1) create a new text document with the filename proxy.cfg

Make sure that you have filename extensions enabled so that the .cfg extension is applied correctly.

2) insert the following proxy information into the file (note that the type should be HTTP or socks5):


You may need to contact your system administrator in order to obtain the correct proxy settings.

3) place the proxy.cfg file that you created into the following directory on your computer: %AppData%\Artec\Artec Installation Center\

4) open the Artec Installation Center and activate your Artec Studio license as per the standard activation procedure.

Method 3: offline activation
The offline activation process is described in this article.

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