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Artec Software Development Kit 1.1

Artec 3D Scanning SDK (08-04-2016)

CHANGE LIST (list of updates in this version):

SDK documentation and code samples updates:

SDK DLLs renamed; 'artec-sdk-' prefix is prepended:

  • algorithms.dll ---> artec-sdk-algorithms.dll
  • base.dll ---> artec-sdk-base.dll
  • capturing.dll ---> artec-sdk-capturing.dll
  • scanning.dll ---> artec-sdk-scanning.dll


  • Texture mapping for ATI video cards is improved;
  • Texture-mixing capability;
  • Greater accuracy in determining available graphics memory;
  • Clearer log entries;
  • Comments improved throughout the headers;
  • ErrorCode value returned from I/O functions is now ErrorCode_FormatInvalid where appropriate;
  • Numerous enhancements to registration algorithms

Changes in Base (artec::sdk::base, artec::sdk::base::io):

  • Matrix-to-scalar operations removed.

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed config load for non-English-speaking regions;
  • Eliminated delays in scanning procedure  for Spider;
  • Resolved issues related to Artec Eva scanning in hybrid tracking mode;
  • Applied minor fix to global-registration algorithm;
  • All SDK DLLs are signed properly;
  • Fixed trace message for onFrameScanned() callback;
  • Fixed incorrect scannerType initialization in TexturingAlgorithm;
  • Removed redundant login to the current working directory;
  • Resolved issue preventing sensitivity setup for Spider;
  • Fixed OpenMP parallelization in Poisson Fusion algorithm;
  • Eliminated empty-frame crash;
  • JPEG and PNG images now process correctly regardless of dimensions
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