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Q: Which SDK classes stand for the Fine & Global registration?
A: Fine & Global registration are the algorithms used for processing of the raw frames that you receive while scanning.
The description of both algorithms can be found here: Artec 3D Scanning SDK\include\artec\sdk\algorithms\Algorithms.h or here.

Q: I want to launch global registration in 'Geometry only' mode.
A: You should use createGlobalRegistrationAlgorithm() with GlobalRegistrationType_Geometry setting.

Q: How to launch outliers removal for my raw scans?
A: You will need createOutliersRemovalAlgorithm() in Artec 3D Scanning SDK\include\artec\sdk\algorithms\Algorithms.h.
The settings of the algorithm can be found here.

Q: What types of fusion algorithms are available?
A: Artec SDK allows you to use three types of fusion algorithms, the same that are available in Artec Studio:

  • fast fusion
  • smooth fusion
  • sharp fusion

The description of their parameters can be found here.

Q: How to launch small objects filter algorithm for my 3D-model?
You will need createSmallObjectsFilterAlgorithm() in Artec 3D Scanning SDK\include\artec\sdk\algorithms\Algorithms.h. More information about the settings of the algorithm is available here.

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