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Separators inside CSV measurements

As soon as you export a CSV file of linear measurement from Artec Studio, you will receive the file with the following structure:

  • ID
  • X, Y, Z coordinates
  • Distance

For example:

0; 2,820646 -40,565083 70,279457; 0,000000
1; -3,496153 -28,425995 7,163158; 64,582710

Here is more information about separators in CSV file of linear measurement:

  • Columns in CSV are separated by delimiter whic depends on Windows regional settings (for example, in USA it is comma).
  • 3 values (X,Y,Z) are always separated by spaces. It is inner exporting rule of Artec Studio and it does not depend on Windows regional settings.
  • More information about CSV can be found here:

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