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USB extension cables (5, 10, 20 meters)

Since Artec3D scanners can be used with additional USB extension cables, we've summarized all information of our own tests and Artec Partners' tests in the current article.


USB 2.0 extension cables

Delock Cable USB 2.0 Extension cable, active 5 m

  • Our Partners used the 5-meter cable in their experiments and have reported that everything was working smoothly
  • Artec3D team tested both 10-meter and 20-meter Delock USB extension cables with Artec Eva and Artec Spider, the performance was great and FPS has not changed, comparing to "without extension cable" 3D-scanning mode.
  • The last test in this series included combining these 10+20 meters cable into a 30-meters cable. Again, both Artec Eva and Artec Spider were working well


USB 3.0 extension cables

Delock Cable USB 3.0 Extension cable, active 10 m

Artec team tested this cable with Artec Eva in Artec Studio 12.1 and overall the performance was great: 15 FPS in general (4000+ 3D-frames were captured), no FPS decrease. This extension cable was plugged into USB 3.0 port of our Gigabyte laptop.



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