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24 July 2015 - Artec Studio 10.1 is released

24 July 2015

Artec Studio 10.1 is now available. As usually, new version can be downloaded via button 'Update' in Artec Installation Center or via section "My applications" at

Full list of new features and fixes can be found here in Release Notes.

Please pay attention to four features described below, they were among frequently asked, so we are glad to report about their implementation:

For Artec Studio 10.1 Ultimate:

  • Both Intel 3D sensors including Intel R200 are now supported.

For Artec Studio 10.1 Professional and Ultimate:

  • There is possibility to export PLY with vertex color (format name is plyVC, color information is stored inside 3D-mesh).
  • Hot key to clear the project history (Ctrl + Alt + H) was added.
  • Sorting scans and frames in Workspace panel was added (click the header to arrange the data, click once again to sort in a reverse order, and third time to restore the initial sequence).

Also we added a new logging functional. It is enabled or disabled via checkbox in Artec Studio 10.1 installer or in File - Settings inside the software.
This functionality is in charge for sending anonymous log about Artec Studio usage. Please pay attention that these logs do not contain any private information:

  • There is no account or scanner serial number inside.
  • These logs won't be used to identify you.
  • They don't include project data, 3D surfaces, texture and any other data obtained and processed in Artec Studio.

In these logs we store Artec Studio version, Windows version, system configuration (processor, RAM, videocard model), timing of algorithms performance and parameters of Artec Studio algorithms.
This information will greatly help us to make our software better and we really appreciate receiving any kind of feedback from you.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have more questions, our team will be glad to help.

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