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How to create and export DXF sections in Artec Studio

This article explains how to create DXF sections in Artec Studio, so you can use them in other software (Solidworks, Design X, Rhino, etc). For example, they can be used for converstion to CAD formats like IGES or STEP.

As soon as your create a model from scanned data in Artec Studio, you can add as many DXF sections as needed.

  1. Switch to tab Measures.
  2. Choose Sections and click Next.
  3. Click on any point on the model to place section there. You can either place 3 points by yourself (choose 'Not constrained' option) or you can create section parallel to XOY, YOZ or XOZ.
  4. After that click on Create section.
  5. If you would like to change the position of your section or rotate / scale it more precisely, please use option Change position.
  6. Duplicate your section using option Number of planes and set the distance between them using option Sections offset. You can also set Direction (Positive / Negative / Both) if necessary.
  7. Make sure that contours of your sections are closed and choose Export.
  8. Type name of your section and choose DXF as extension.
  9. Import your DXF file to Rhino, Solidworks or Design X.

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