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Artec Studio 10: Release Notes

Artec Studio (27.01.2016)

Features Added

  • Smart recovery of corrupted projects while loading. Even if the project is partially corrupted owing to an abort of save procedure or HDD failure, it is now possible to open and post-process it.

Artec Studio (22.10.2015)

Features Added

  • Support for the latest Intel RealSense SDK (SDK Runtime Distributable 6.0.21 (R4)) has been added.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue that frequently notified some users about failure to read a registry key when opening Artec Studio.
  • An issue with an error message when installing Artec Studio under Windows 10 has been fixed.
  • Minor improvements in Diagnostic Tool.

Artec Studio (24.07.2015)

Features Added

  • Support for Intel R200 camera (Artec Studio Ultimate edition).
  • Hot key to clear the project history (Ctrl + Alt + H).
  • New export format plyVC with color information stored inside the mesh (vertex color).
  • Sorting scans and frames in Workspace panel. Click the header to arrange them, click once again to sort in a reverse order, and third time to restore the initial sequence.

Issues Fixed

  • Drag and drop files into 3D View window would cause the import to fail.
  • Miscellaneous issues related to localization.
  • Issue that prevented measurements from exporting.

One checkbox. Enormous contribution.

Let's together make Artec Studio better. Just agree to send us anonymous data on how you use the program. This data does not contain any private information, it won't be used to identify you and it doesn't include project data, 3D surfaces, texture and any other data obtained and processed in Artec Studio.
Find this checkbox in the Settings and Installation dialogs. And yes, nobody canceled more direct ways to help, like sharing your feedback at, for example.

Known issues.

Possibility to adding the digits, symbols and spaces for scan prefix (Scan --> Advanced) is temporary locked.


Artec Studio (29.04.2015)

This release contains brand new features and major improvements, including the following:

New devices support

  • Artec Space Spider, new 3D scanner featuring advanced cooling system
  • Artec L2 scanner*
  • Kinect 2 support (Artec Studio Ultimate edition)
  • Intel RealSense (Artec Studio Ultimate edition)

Scanning improvements

  • Improved tracking: it is now significantly easier to maintain tracking. And even if occasionally lost, you can easily pick it up again wherever you want: works well on any pre-scanned area.
  • Misalignment detection for EVA scanner works during the scanning procedure itself ensuring the data captured are properly aligned. If you find it hinders scanning particular objects, you can disable this option in Settings.

Enhanced processing

  • Achieve better geometry correction over larger areas with Loop Closure (Fine registration).
  • Auto-alignment is more reliable now.
  • Non-rigid alignment provides more freedom with the Flexibility Slider. And yes, you now can add as many models as you want (multiple shapes support).
  • Lasso mode for Eraser.

Better texture handling

  • Texture healing brush. Completely new Editor tool for manually filling in missing texture.
  • If you prefer to do it automatically, there is an improved texturizing algorithm: just select the Inpaint missing texture checkbox.
  • Automatic targets removal. Photogrammetry solutions support in Artec Studio now boasts a new feature, whereby targets can be erased from the texture in one click.

Speed and general improvements

  • Faster Atlas mapping: not only fast, but also very uniform.
  • Very Fast mesh simplification, using a brand new algorithm delivering the fastest ever experience.
  • Improved DirectX export.

* Limited support for Artec L2 scanner (full operability is guaranteed in Artec 3D Scanning SDK)


In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing

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