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Artec Studio 9: Release Notes

    [!] Important
    [+] New
    [*] Changes
    [-] Bug fixes


Artec Studio application version (13.05.2015)

[!] The latest drivers for Artec scanners (version were added.

Artec Studio application version (03.02.2015)

[+] User's guide in Russian.
[+] Spider calibration can be made using 15 positions of calibration plate.
[+] Improved performace while scanning in 'Targets' mode.
[-] Improved performance in real-time fusion mode (for NVIDIA GeForce drivers version 344.11)

Artec Studio application version (20.03.2014)

[*] Information on optimal and current temperatures of the Spider scanner was added in the Scan panel.
[+] Yet another advanced capture setting! Choose how often color frames are captured to achieve greater scan quality.

Artec Studio application version (20.01.2014)

[!] Improved Artec Diagnostic Tool.
[!] New drivers for Artec Scanners are fully compatible with Windows 8.1.
[+] Italian users may enjoy reading Manual in Italian. Just enable this feature when installing Artec Studio.
[-] Minor bug fixes in the Outliers Removal algorithm.

Artec Studio application version (21.10.2013)

[-] Fixed issue when applying Outlier removal filter with further saving the project caused application crash
[-] Fixed issue with the impossibility to run global registration in "Geometry" mode for Artec Spider scans
[+] Improved global registration algorithm for meshes of small number of polygons

Artec Studio application version (28.08.2013)

[!] Auto-alignment for several scans.
[!] Ability to turn off scanner flash while retaining the ability to capture a texture (for Artec scanners with texture flash: MHT, EVA, Spider - in bright ambient light).
[!] Photogrammetry support. Added new features to track: targets. Ability to upload 3D measurement. results from the third-party photogrammetry solution (now ScanReference by AICON).
[!] Defeature brush is a new Editor tool.
[!] Cutoff plane selection mode for Eraser allowing to quickly remove the floor\table that you are scanning on.
[!] Outlier removal - special filter for removing outliers before final post-processing of scans.
[!] Ability to save user presets and toggle between them.
[!] New improved drivers for Artec scanners were added
It is not allowed to use 8.* version (or older) and 9.2 version of Artec Studio simultaneously on the same PC due to the incompatibility of the drivers for these versions, caused by significant improvements implemented in the latest version of Artec Studio drivers.
[+] New rendering mode “Points and solid” is perfectly suited for Spider scanner.
[+] Ability to continue scanning in the same scan in the course of the current session by pressing the “Pause” button.
[+] Measurements with section enhancements: different coloration of the meshes, formed by multiple sections.
[+] Real-time fusion has become available for all the trackers (Geometry, Geometry + Texture, Targets).
[+] Real-time fusion has got two settings: dimensions of scanning zone and voxel size.
[+] Improved Sharp fusion and Smooth fusion algorithms: ability to remove small embossings from the surface, where targets were stuck.
[+] New slider “Hue” was added to the Texture adjustment panel.
[+] “Align” tool features a redesigned interface.
[+] Improved rendering of auxiliary points in “Align” mode.
[+] Ability to set a local coordinate system in “Align” mode.
[+] Right-click menu was added in 3D View window in “Align” mode.
[+] Point pairs are automatically removed when alignment has been completed. Numeration of point pairs (sets) starts from “1” instead of “0”.
[+] Commands for selecting only scans or only fusions were added in Workspace toolbar.
[+] Hot keys for Editor tools were assigned (initial letter of the tool name serves as a hotkey: “D” for Defeature brush, “S” for Smooth Brush, etc.).
[*] Positioning tool has become available for every coordinate plane (XOY, YOZ and ZOX) and has moved to the Editor panel.
[*] New view of “Smooth brush” tool: sphere was replaced with its projection.
[*] “Separate Scans” is now a default option in Multicapturing mode.
[-] Hovering with the mouse above “Surface distance map” in 3D View will display nearby distance value label with an accuracy of three decimal places.
[-] Being exported, annotation gets default file name matching with its name.
Artec Studio application version (28.03.2013)

[!] Support of multiple Kinect/Asus/PrimeSense sensors in a bundle
[!] Annotation tool
[!] Support of OpenNI 2.0. drivers. More information [here] (
[!] New real-time alignmen of different scans (only for scanners with texture - Artec Eva or Artec MHT)
[!] Real-time fusion scanning mode for Artec scanners (MHT, Eva)
[!] New Align tool
[!] New Fusion algorithms
[+] Ability to create section using 3 points that user chooses on the model
[+] Ability to save screenshots with measurements
[+] Hot key for operation "Save screenshot" (Ctrl+Shift+P)
[+] Hot key for operation 'Deselect all' (Ctrl+D, focus should be in 'Workspace' section)
[+] Hot key for operation "Go" (Ctrl+G)
[+] Export sections in DXF format
[+] Improved algorithm of hole filling (inside 'Edges' section)
[*] Background of buttons "Fit to view" and "Home" in Align mode
[*] Progress bars in Align mode
[*] Buttons in 'Edit' section are now present on the left panel
[*] Minimal size of smooth brush is reduced
[*] Strength of smooth brush can be changed
[*] Surface distance map improvements (all values are with 3 digits after comma, ability to enter bigger values of 'error scale')
[*] New algorithm of surface reconstruction is now used in 'Edges' mode
[-] If there is no texture information in the raw scan, then global registration is switched in the mode 'Geometry' automatically
IMPORTANT: Offline activation for Artec Studio 9.1. is not supported under Windows 8 (it is supported only for Windows 7). Starting from Artec Studio 9.2. offline activation is supported both for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Artec Studio application version (08.02.2013)

[*] Extended videocard check was added

Artec Studio application version (14.02.2013)

[-] disappearance of texture after non-rigid alignment
[-] WXLogMessage message box replaced OpenCL error message box
[*] realtime registration threshold for Artec S was decreased
[*] Improved OpenNI drivers were added to installation package

Artec Studio application version (05.12.2012)

[!] Support of AMD/ATI cards
[!] Temperature adjustment algorithm
[*] Improved algorithm of real-time fusion for PrimeSense devices

Artec Studio application version 9.0.2 (08.11.2012)

[!] Support of sensors (MS Kinect, Asus Xtion, PrimeSense)
[!] Real-time fusion scanning mode for sensors
[!] Support of Eva Lite (Eva without texture)
[+] Support of E57 format was added (for 3D-mesh export)
[+] "Sensitivity" slider in section "Scan"
[*] Number of additional parameters inside algorithms was decreased
[*] Texture is now displayed colored in preview mode
[*] Welcome screen is closed when user press button 'Start' on his Eva scanner
[-] Frames with 0 polygons are removed automatically
[-] Texture is displayed correctly after editing texture atlas


In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing

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