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Artec Leo Security Features


In this article we will review all Artec Leo security features:


Important thing about the security of your data is regular updates.

Updates released for Artec Leo help you avoid possible critical security and operational issues. On Support Center we publish all release notes for Artec Leo software.

Please update regularly in order to have access to the new features, the latest operating system for Artec  Leo, and all the security features that were released recently. If you really care about your data - please do not skip this step.

Starting with Artec Leo 1.6, we remind the user about pending updates via a separate popup window. 



You can always check if there are any updates available by accessing

Projects > Settings > System > Check for updates > Update.

If for some reason you do not see the Update - please check that the scanner is connected to the Internet.


If your update procedure gets interrupted or broken for whatever reason - you can simply resume it and download only the part that was missing.



Locking the Leo protects the user from everything but project downloading through Artec Studio and project/target cloud management through Web Control (if Web Control was initially enabled).



To start using a PIN code:

- go to Projects > Settings > Pin code.

- Select a 4-to-8-digit PIN code. The algorithm will show you if your PIN code is too weak.

- Select when to Lock Artec Leo: right when you turn it on or after a set period of time.


The scanner will become locked if left idle for a particular amount of time or right after it is turned on.

Enter the PIN code to gain access to it again.


(!) If you forget your PIN code and enter the wrong one three times in a row, you will be asked for your MyArtec account password.



If your network is not available to Artec Leo for any technical or security reasons, the scanner will display a code and instruct you to go to your MyArtec account from any accessible device to this scanner’s area.

After you press Reset Leo PIN code there, you will receive a response code which you will need to enter on Leo.



Another way to password-protect your data on Artec Leo is via encryption.


The current encryption status can be found in the bottom part of the Settings > Scanner >  Advanced.

The password can be changed at any time.

(!) A lost password means completely lost data.


Enabling encryption is followed by a mandatory restart of the scanner and further input of the encryption password. 


When enabled, the storage encryption feature requires a user to enter the password upon every startup of the device. 

(!) Please note that enabling encryption will result in the deletion of all of your old data and storage reformatting.

An encrypted SSD drive also protects data from being recovered after deletion.

Disabling encryption reformats the storage and erases all your data. Any scans created afterward will not be encrypted.

If a user needs to change the password, the system will ask to enter the old one first. If the password is entered correctly, it will not lead to any loss of data. 

In case the password is lost, a user can reset it by following the guidance on the startup screen. The password reset erases all the information stored on Artec Leo’s SSD. 


When you wish to copy the HD data from Leo using your web browser, you can also additionally use Encrypt projects (AS 16+). Enable this in Settings > Scanner > Scanning.

In this case, the projects will be recorded not in .pkg but in the new encrypted .leo format, which increases security (default setting starting from Artec Leo v1.6)
As you can tell from the name of the feature, such projects are compatible with Artec Studio 16 and further versions.

In order to import and open the project - Artec Leo scanner and Artec Studio need to belong to the same user account on, otherwise the import would fail.

If they are on different accounts, the Artec Leo owner needs to add the Artec Studio user to Trusted Accounts on 


Once the user is added to Trusted Accounts list, please renew the calibration files (otherwise added user wont be able to open the project):

Settings > System > Scanner configuration > Renew


If you do not plan to share any data when loaning out your scanner, log out via Projects > Settings > User > Log out and remove projects.


(!) Make sure to download all projects before doing so, as all the data is erased from the scanner’s SSD during logout.



Starting from Artec Leo software version 1.8, a user has an opportunity to disable Wi-Fi on Artec Leo scanner via Once the permission is modified, it will be reflected on Artec Leo saying configuration is changed and restart is required.

In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing


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