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Artec Leo: HD and SD modes


In this article you will find the infromation how to choose different modes on Artec Leo, in particular about updated interface for HD mode.

Here you will find the information about HD mode and it is advantages with examples.


To start a new scan, tap New project on Artec Leo screen or press the start/stop red button, and point the scanner at the object. Artec Leo will start a preview scan, that is, it will show you what it has in its field of view at the moment, without recording the surface in front of it.

The scanning settings will appear on the screen, where you can choose SD or in HD mode. 



HD mode delivers higher resolution, better surface and edge reconstruction and cleaner scans with less artifacts. However, it comes at the cost of a larger data volume, which means that the user will need a more powerful computer and more time to process the data.
So, if you scan large flat areas or simple shapes without much geometry detail, SD data will be enough. 

To opt for HD mode, tap on the Resolution on the Leo screen and choose Normal, High or Ultra using the instructions on the screen. 

The reason behind this choice is that HD frames’ quality makes it unnecessary to store as many of them as SD frames. So not converting 100% allows you to save a lot of RAM, as well as project transfer time and scan processing time, without losing any important data in most cases.

The frequency of recording frames in high quality is influenced by the settings as follows:
Normal =1/8, High =1/4, Ultra = 1/2.

This means that with Normal setting,  Artec Leo will record in HD at least one frame out of eight, and you will be able to receive your scans with good detail while also getting a project of a manageable size, so it’s a good balance.  When imported to Artec Studio, an SD scan of 4000 frames will have 500 frames in HD at minimum. In most cases this will be enough for successful registration and fusion.


The lowest HD Resolution setting (“Normal”) can cause a registration issue only if a poor scanning trajectory is used, the scanner is moved too fast, or is never returned to a previously scanned area.

Increasing the number of HD frames, i.e. switching from Normal to High or Ultra can be beneficial when scanning an object with a complex shape that requires changing scanning angles frequently, trying to capture difficult-to-reach areas or hard-to-scan surfaces.



In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing

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