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Artec Software Development Kit 2.0

Artec 3D Scanning SDK (21-12-2017)  

Breaking Changes

  • The flagBits field with Identity and General flags is removed from artec::sdk::base::Matrix4x4


Artec 3D Scanning SDK (25-09-2017)


Artec Studio project support
A new way to work with data in SDK: save and load Artec Studio projects. Added: artec::sdk::project namespace and IProject interface.


Scanning Improvements

  • Enhanced tracking
  • New auto-sensitivity for Eva (see Breaking Changes)

Enhanced and Newly Added Algorithms

  • Auto-alignment: easily assemble your scans using the auto-alignment algorithm
  • New Texturing is much faster and supports 16K resolution
  • New Global registration is several times faster, which is especially advantageous for large projects containing lots of 3D data.

Obtain capture time for each frame: artec::sdk::scanning::RegistrationInfo structure got new attribute — timeStamp.


Deprecated Classes
ScannerMode. Don't use artec::sdk::capturing::ScannerMode::externalSynchronization, use artec::sdk::capturing::IScanner::setTextureUseHwTrigger instead.


Breaking Changes

  • IJobObsever was renamed to IJobObserver
  • Sensitivity for Eva scanners is automatically controlled now (Sensitivity adjustment for Spider remains unchanged)


Known Issues
We recommend uninstalling Artec 3D Scanning SDK version 1.1 before you install this version. If you need both versions, specify a different path during installation.

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