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Editing texture frames in raw scans

This article will show you how to edit raw scans and their textures.

1) Choose the scan whose texture you would like to edit and export it as a folder containing a sequence of raw frames (File - Export scan - *.ply):


This folder will include both grey- and color-texture files (more information on this topic appears in another article):



2) Apply your desired changes to the color frames, but be sure to avoid changing the file dimensions and extension. To illustrate, we drew a star on one of the frames, as the following example picture shows: 




3) Next, drag and drop the icon from the scan folder into the Artec Studio window. Artec Studio will then interpret the folder containing the modified textures as a raw scan and will add this scan to the Workspace:



If you switch to frame-display mode, you will see the changes applied to the texture frames:


Finally, you can use these texture frames in any Artec Studio algorithm—for example, when texture mapping.

Note: full-size screenshots are available in an attachment to this article.


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