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Automation of 3D scanning and processing

We’re sometimes asked whether there’s a way to automate 3D scanning and post-processing in Artec Studio. Depending on your workflow, one of the methods described below may work for you. If needed, feel free to combine them all together!


1. Autopilot

Autopilot begins by asking you a few simple questions about the scanned object and your desired result. The goal of this smart mode is to create the best possible 3D model from your raw data, automatically applying the most optimal parameters and algorithms. Also, it’s the only automatic mode that can use Eraser and Auto-align.


Useful links: A comprehensive article covering the principles and typical applications of Autopilot is available here, while the video tutorials can be found here.


2. Automode

Automode allows you to launch a batch of algorithms in a fixed order. Just enable or disable the corresponding algorithms on a list in the Tools section and click the Go! button.
Automode is a great solution if you’re regularly scanning the same type of objects.


Useful link: Check out this article for setup tips and examples.


3. Running scripts in Artec Studio

You can use any approach to write a script that will interact with the Artec Studio interface. For example, we’re using Squish Froglogic to automate several scenarios.

Also, our customers occasionally employ Sikuli, which allows you to create automation scripts using screenshots. Sikuli provides a set of predefined functions that can serve as commands, and it allows you to specify screenshots as arguments for these functions:


Here are a couple examples:

3.1. A script that automates 3D scanning:

  • Obtain a picture using the Preview button and click on it
  • Click Record
  • Wait for N seconds to capture the necessary number of frames
  • Find the Stop button in the interface and click on it to finish the 3D scanning

Enabling the  "Automatic base removal" option allows to skip the step with manual erasing during the post-processing:



3.2. A script that automates post-processing:

  • Find the Tools icon in the Artec Studio interface and click on it
  • Find the portion of the panel containing the Fine registration algorithm
  • Click the button to launch the algorithm



3.3. A script that automates the alignment process:

  • Find Align button in Artec Studio interface
  • Click on it to enter Align mode
  • Launch the Auto-alignment algorithm



4. Artec SDK

Artec SDK is suitable for these tasks:

  • Writing your own C++ code to automate 3D scanning and/or postprocessing
  • Using Artec Studio algorithms in your own application or in a plugin for other 3D software
  • Mounting an Artec scanner on a robotic arm

The SDK libraries contain the same code units that Artec Studio employs, so your application can control the 3D-scanning process (including multicapture), run algorithms in any order using parameters of your choice, export the model to a specific location and so on.


Useful links: Documentation, FAQ and some samples are available in this section of Artec Support Center.


The difference between 4 methods:

  Autopilot Automode Script for Artec Studio Artec SDK
Type of automation Processing Processing 3D scanning, processing 3D scanning, processing
Definable algorithms parameters? The most suitable ones are applied automatically + + +
Editing tools Eraser      
Auto-align +   + +
Manual align Only if user-employed in Autopilott +    
Registration + + + +
Outlier removal Applied on the basis of raw data + + +
Fusion + + + +
Small-object filter + + + +
Mesh simplification Applied on the basis of user’s final goal + + +
Texture mapping +   + +



Possible combinations

Feel free to combine these methods, for example, you can program your Sikuli script to press buttons in Automode or Autopilot:



In case you experience any issues with your Artec 3D scanner or require technical assistance with your device or Artec Studio, in the first instance please contact your local Artec dealer/distributor directly. You can also contact the Artec Support Team by clicking on "Submit a request" button on the bottom right part of the screen or by emailing

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