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June 14 2017 - Artec Studio 12.1 is released

June 14 2017

We are glad to announce today's release of Artec Studio 12.1 with new ultra-fast global registration: up to 20 times faster than AS 11 and up to 10 times faster than AS 12.0. For example, a large construction vehicle which took 12 minutes for global registration to complete in AS 11, now takes 6 minutes in AS 12.1.

Moreover, we have also included a bunch of useful new features in this update, such as:

  • Increased FPS in MULTI mode
  • Editor tools now allow undo/redo operations directly inside them
  • More hot keys added (for "Show grid" and "Lighting" commands)
  • More optimization for touchscreens (interaction with touchscreen using “pan” gesture is now more convenient)

As usually, this new release is available via the Artec Installation Center or "My software" section on

The version number is and it is available to all clients with Artec Studio 12 Professional / Ultimate / Trial editions.

The full list of changes are can be found in the release notes here.

Our team is always glad to help you with any questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us at, if you need any assistance.

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